Lisa Said Revisits ‘No Turn Left Behind’ Ahead Of Portuguese-Influenced Solo Work

Singer, songwriter, and Producer Lisa Said (pronounced “Sa’yeed”) will release a revised and remastered edition of her 2016 debut album No Turn Left Behind as a digital download and via streaming platforms on November 11, 2022 on her label Tall Short Records.

The original sessions were conducted at the Washington D.C. area Inner Ear Sound Studio, with Said and studio owner Don Zientara producing. The re-release features new artwork, remastering by Joe Lambert, a different track sequence, and an alternate mix of “One Too Many”. Said feels that these updates represent the songs correctly for the first time.

Lisa Said originally recorded the album in 2014 with Said and Zientara co-Producing and working with Andrew Toy (drums), Seth Kauffman (bass, electric guitars), Jon Carroll (keyboards, accordion, piano), and Kip Jones (violin), among others.

After being born and raised in Tennessee to parents who immigrated from Egypt, Said now lives in Lisbon, Portugal where she moved in February 2020, immediately before the worldwide COVID-19 lockdown began. The traditional Portuguese fado music as well as music from other Lusophone countries (Brazil, Cabo Verde, etc) drew Said in.

Five years later after releasing her debut album, an EP, and two releases with her D.C. band Piramid Scheme, Said recorded a new solo album in Portugal with Nilson Dourado, a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and producer, and is gearing up to release it early 2023.

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