Kingo Halla Introduces Himself With “Water In The Rose”

The New York City-born singer, songwriter, Producer, and multi-instrumentalist based out of Toronto Kingo Halla, aka Henry Nozuka, has shared his debut single, “Water In The Rose.” The track fuses Jazz, Soul, and Psychedelia into alternative R&B.

He explains his approach to the mysterious song:

I wrote this song after reading a poem about someone who was preparing the entranceway for the return of their beloved. I found it to be strikingly beautiful, and profound. It resonated with me as at that time I was also experiencing a longing for my partner, as we were separated due to covid for 6 months. It is the pain of separation, the longing of being distant from a beloved, and an expression of the tormented anguish that love can feel at times. Through the process, I realized that it also became about my reflection on life and a letter to where I will go after this life.

Kingo Halla was born into a musical family of Japanese-American descent, but his alter-ego was born in Toronto, where he grew up writing songs with his brothers and creating artwork on multiple mediums. As a producer and engineer, Nozuka works out of his own Shijō Studios where he pursues his passion for vintage instruments, analog gear, and tape machines.