Join Gabrielle Metz For “Backyard Sessions” In Natural Settings

Country singer/songwriter Gabrielle Metz has launched a new webseries, “Backyard Sessions,” via YouTube that posts weekly on Wednesdays and “puts a new spin on classic and current songs”. The sessions spring from Metz’s own practice of working with classic songs for her live performances.

She comments:

I have always loved finding new ways to perform songs. I love making songs my own while still honoring the original artist of the record! I’ve been doing this for live shows for years, and I thought, ‘why not share them!’

All of Metz’s videos open with a title card where audiences can be part of her set up, and she proceeds to record guitar and vocals right in her backyard. Living in Tennessee and from Alabama, she takes inspiration from local landscapes. Some of the videos are filmed physically in her backyard, but others are filmed at locations that are within 20-30 minutes of her home, right in her own “backyard.”

Recorded, filmed, and edited all by Metz the Backyard Sessions are a one woman show. Metz’s latest original release is “Mix Tape”.

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