Drift Away With Iceblynk’s “Seen Gone”

[Cover photo L to R: Andrea Lynn (Vocals), Martin Newman (guitars, bassVI, mellotron-D), James Newman (bass, drums, lapsteel)]

Queens, NY-based Indie-Pop, Dream-Pop, and Shoegaze trio Iceblynk, made up of Andrea Lynn (vocals) and brothers Martin (guitars, bassVI, mellotron-D) and James Newman (bass, drums, lapsteel) have released their debut, self-titled EP Iceblynk via A Secret Brand. To accompany the EP release, the band is highlighting their latest single “Seen Gone“.

Vocalist Andrew Lynn comments on the track’s history:

‘Seen Gone’ was originally recorded for Iceblynk’s straight-to-vinyl limited release as ‘Seagulls’. I insisted not only that we include it on the EP, but that it should be highlighted as one of our singles. It’s one of my favorite songs to perform and in some ways, departs from our previous singles.

It’s more of an emotionally charged slow burner, with gently hypnotic guitar leading us in and soft vocals that reference the sensations of flowing like a dream and floating away. All of it beckoning us to lean in and listen closely. From quiet beginnings, “Seen Gone” eventually bursts forth, intense in every sense with fevered layers of guitar and soaring vocals. Moments later, the rising tide recedes with all elements circling back to the beginning as we slowly drift back into silence.

On the EP’s release, co-founder Martin Newman (The Veldt) shares:

The ‘Iceblynk’ EP is our introduction to the world and represents who we are in the present. It also hints to where we’re headed in the future and what to expect from our full-length next year.

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