Justin Saladino Band’s “Let You Go” Confronts Our Internal Jekyll And Hyde

[Cover photo credit to Zachary Saladino]

Montreal-based Blues, and Roots Rock outfit Justin Saladino Band have released their latest single, “Let You Go” from the recently released LP, Honest LiesThe song grapples with the internal voice of self-doubt and insecurity and makes a move to break free and is accompanied by a live play video.

Songwriter, guitarist, and bandleader Justin Saladino comments:

The lyrics for ‘Let You Go’ were initially scribbled out in 2015 and, although I liked them a lot, the musical ideas that I had at the time did not sync in a way that felt right to me. Years later, while writing this album, I felt I had found the perfect guitar idea and texture to go hand in hand with the lyrics. Lyrics about the ego, that subconscious but loud voice in your head that fills you with doubt and tears you down – that learned person we carry around inside us. Finally, the contrasting colors of the chorus and the reference to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde just felt right when it all came together. Brooding and overall darker than what I’ve created in recent years – Let You Go’ is one of my favorites yet.

The ten original songs on the Ariel Posen (The Bros. Landreth) produced album Honest Lies explore themes surrounding “interpersonal relationships, social and political issues, the perception of truth, and being honest with oneself”.  Recorded at Tone Bender Studios in Saladino’s hometown of Montreal, the album shows an evolution for the band, moving further into the Roots-Rock and Blues realm alongside their most direct lyrics yet.

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