New Friends Question The Narcotic Effects Of Love With “Waste My Time”

Canadian Indie Pop/Alternative band New Friends have released their new single Waste My Time that along with a music video. The track is off their forthcoming EP to be released in early 2023 and questions the different effects that love may have on a person which may result in a kind of narcotic dependency as a relationship becomes unhealthy.

The band says:

The song was inspired by the euphoric and sometimes mind numbing effects that love, whether toxic or healthy, has on someone’s day to day life. The underlying analogy is comparing love’s effects to the same as a drug. With a toxic relationship at the forefront of Waste My Time, there is a constant theme of despair and hopelessness as you are now abusing love as an addict. Knowing very well that this relationship has crossed the boundary for healthy and fun to now be abusive and devastating.

New Friends had already recorded with producer Brad Delson, Grammy-winning guitarist of Linkin Park, but were able to work with even more outside producers including Finger Eleven drummer Steve Molella (Stuck On Planet Earth, Gus, Kayla Diamond), and TV/film composer Brian Rivlin for the new EP. They also self-Produced a couple of the songs, and co-wrote for the first time with a handful of outside writers.

New Friends is comprised of players from all over Southern Ontario, lead singer Stefan Boulineau (Windsor), guitarist Cole Wilson (St. Thomas), keyboardist/lead writer Ayden Miller (Orillia), and Conrad (Waterloo). They played their first show in November, 2021.

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