Michelles Unveils Another Inventive Video With “This Tune’s A Circle”

[Cover photo credit to Chuck Przbyl]

Chicago-based Indie artist Michelles has released a video for “This Tune’s a Circle” from his most recent full-length album The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll. The album has elements of Psych Rock and synthy explorations of mood that are all the more remarkable because all the layers except drum were performed by Michelles’ Michael Daly. The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll follows 2017’s Dark As A Daisy.

A previous video from the same album, “Not Gonna Get It” brought in a black and white film technique that suggested surrealist and silent film, and for “This Tune’s a Circle”, Daly further explores that territory of negative/positive space but in sharper focus in a more fixed pose that seems to emphasize the circular theme of the song.

Michelles’ videos are always inventive, so worth keeping an eye out for. Another surreal offering is “Magical Thinking”, blending found footage from a 70s office safety video and from a meditational promo of some kind which is very much in keeping with the song’s theme and sound.

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