Alicia Blue’s “Young” Urges Acceptance Of Aging

[“Young” single artwork, photo credit to Joey Martinez]

Indie-Folk singer-songwriter Alicia Blue has released new single “Young” featuring John Paul White (Civil Wars). The single is taken from her Part 2 Inner Child Work EP out on  November  18, 2022 via Magnetic Moon. The EP follows and expands upon the “self-awareness and new beginnings” themes from Blue’s Inner Child Work (Part 1) EP which was released in July 2022. The new single turns on acceptance of change and aging.

Regarding “Young”, Alicia Blue says:

This is one of my favorite tracks on the EP, I had never met John Paul White until we wrote ‘Young’ together. I started the session by telling him how I always felt like the youngest person in the room even as I grew older. He responded, ‘Well, that’s funny because my whole life I’ve always felt like the oldest person in every room.’ We laughed for a bit and then he suggested spinning around the narrative in society of trying to stay young at all costs. It made me think of Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ and turning that sentiment on its head, which is what we did.

For Inner Child Work Part 2, the former Los Angeles native found herself working with Nashville-based songwriter and producer Lincoln Parish, originally of the band Cage the Elephant, who helped to provide a solid musical foundation for her songs. Recording in Nashville also gave Alicia Blue  perspective on her life in Los Angeles and growing up as a Southern Californian. Some of those ideas come up on Inner Child Work Part 2.

She adds:

My artistry and the EP have this wildness to them. But I can also feel this softening happening. Each song on Inner Child Work Part 2 is really just about the difficulty of navigating this life and not having all the proper tools to live it in the most successful way, and by successful, I mean the most healthy way. I like to think that getting this all out helps me in some way.

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