Tamar Berk Lauds Taking Personal Time With “Alone Tonight”

Following the release of her debut solo album The Restless Dreams Of Youth, Tamar Berk’s new album was written and recorded during the pandemic lockdown and in the wake of the death of her father. Start At The End avoids being morose, however, by creating catharsis from loss. Berk has released a single and video from the album, “Alone Tonight” which acknowledges those times in life when you just need to spend time alone.

Start At The End was released in April 2022 and was entirely self-produced by Tamar Berk, and features drummer Matt Walker (Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins) mixer Sean O’Keefe (Beach Bunny, Fall Out Boy) and bassist/engineer Matt Thomson (Maita), along with other contributions from guitarists Chris Davis (The Penetrators), Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain) and Chris Marsteller (The Loons), and bassist Allen Hunter (The Eels).

Previous singles from the album include “Tragic Endings” and “your permission” and “June Lake”.

Berk writes about the new single: 

“Alone Tonight” is a song about those moments when you are very aware that you are not going to be good company…maybe you’re just going to pick a fight…and maybe you had a rough day…or you’re just not in the mood to be around people. I get this way often, and I’ve found that the older I get, the more I’m able to tell that to someone without worrying about hurting their feelings. In the video for “Alone Tonight” I wanted to harken back to my youth when I was able to be alone for hours, entertaining myself with my imagination and toys…making fake radio shows using my cassette player, setting up my toys and doing some sort of weird talent show and maybe even forcing my parents and siblings to watch while I perform some bizarre song or dance. The last image in the video is an actual photo of me pretending to be Barry Gibb….can’t a gal dream of being one of The Bee Gees? 

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