The Mommyheads Explore The Dangers Of Following Your Muse With “Idealist”

After exploring dystopian territory on the synth-driven Age of Isolation, The Mommyheads have returned to Rock territory with Prog-Rock influence for Genius Killer which will arrive on September 20th, 2022. A video for the first song from the album, “Idealist,” was directed by Patrik Karlson and is available now.

Guitarist/singer Adam Elk discusses “Idealist”:

The original intent for this song was an acknowledgment of how following your muse can sometimes be heartbreaking both emotionally and spiritually. The filmmaker, Patrik Karlson, has such maturity and humanness in his work. In this instance, he gracefully illustrates the duality of being held captive by your own desire for success and accolades with a stunningly beautiful approach. This video is a visual dream-poem that expresses and expands the meaning of the song while leaving much open for interpretation of the viewer—we feel he brings out those same qualities of gravity and maturity in our music.

Staying true to their eccentric roots, the band continues to commit to Art Pop aesthetics and Pop melodies for Genius Killer.



29 – New York – DROM

30 – Beacon, NY – Dogwood


1 – Sommerville, MA  – The BURREN

2 – New Haven, CT – Cafe 9

19 – Seattle WA – JewelBox Theater

20 – Bellingham, WA – TBA

21 – Eugene, OR – Sam Bond’s 

22 – Portland, OR – BUNK 

26 – Santa Cruz, CA – TBA

27 – San Francisco, CA – The Chapel

28 – Camino, CA – Jack Russell Brewery

29 – Los Angeles, CA – Goldfish Club

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