Lulu Simon Brings Singer-Songwriter Thinking To Pop With “Something”

Lulu Simon sets out to bring a singer-songwriter mentality to pop production in a direction that she’s calling “sensitive pop”. Her new single, Something was Produced by Griffin Emerson (Amy Allen), and focuses on the mindset of romanticizing a past relationship but also appreciating its positive aspects.

On the new single, Simon shares:

‘Something’ is about romanticizing a past relationship, to the extent that you’re not fully ready to let it go – but you’re also not putting your life on pause, waiting for it. My previous songs were written from a very reactionary place, whereas ‘Something’ is more self-reflective, looking back on relationships with fondness – and saying that if this is fully over, then at least it happened in the first place. 

“Something” is Lulu’s follow up to her previous single, “Being Alone is the Best”, which kicked off an autobiographical collection of music that she wrote over the pandemic lockdown. Her upcoming EP to be released later this year outlines what she describes as a “snapshot” following her experience going through the stages of grief after losing a relationship.