Nox Holloway’s “Orbit” Uses Astral Themes To Reflect On Staying In Touch

[Cover photo credit to Colin Flora]

Nashville based Pop/Alt band, Nox Holloway has shared new single, Orbit both written and Produced by the band. The song reflects on feelings of not wanting to lose touch with someone you care about and realizing that you feel okay with merely staying in their orbit and is accompanied by a video. Directed by Jimmy Fisco, the video builds on the cosmic theme of the song.

Guitarist and percussionist Parker Mathews comments on the song:

Orbit’ is written around the central idea of not losing touch with someone, and how the connection with that person is so strong that it feels gravitational in the day-to-day of it. The astral themes are consistent in lyrics, track, and video, which we hope gives this single a strong cohesiveness any way it is consumed.

The duo have released several singles since the arrival of their debut EP, If Only The World Didn’t Spin So Much, in 2021. Nox Holloway members Bryce Vanhook and Parker Mathews met on their very first day of college at Clemson University, but it wasn’t until their senior year in 2020 that the pair of audio technology majors began truly collaborating.

The band’s name is “a special tribute to time lost elsewhere”. It’s a combination of the Latin word for “night” and the street in London where Vanhook lived and found inspiration.

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