Truth & Salvage Company Finally Gets To Release Their 2012 Album ‘Atoms Form’ Produced By Rob Schnapf

Cosmic Roots Rock outfit Truth & Salvage Co. are getting ready to release their full length album Atoms Form on October 7th, 2022, via Blackbird Record Label / Indie AM Gold / Oakwilde Records. In celebration, Truth & Salvage Co. will reunite for a two night show run on October 8th & 9th 2022 at The House of Blues New Orleans Parish Room. 

The upcoming album has an unusual history. In February 2012, the band went into the studio with producer Rob Schnapf, the Producer behind Elliott Smith’s XO and Figure 8, Beck’s Mellow Gold, and works by Guided By Voices, Dr. Dog, The Whigs and more.  Two months later, Truth & Salvage Co. emerged with a 14-song cycle. The album was deemed not beholden enough to “throwback” concepts and their management and the label rejected the record. The band had to make two more attempts before creating an album they’d accept.

After touring that album, the band split up and engaged in other pursuits. But, Scott Kinnebrew (vocals, lead guitar), Tim Jones (vocals, guitar), Bill “Smitty” Smith (vocals, drums), Walker Young (vocals, piano), Dean Moore (bass) and Adam Grace (vocals, keyboards) never lost touch.

In 2022, Truth & Salvage Co. is finally able to share the Rob Schnapf produced album, Atoms Form.

Scott Kinnebrew comments on that original recording session: 

Rob was super meticulous. Every second of a song was precious and timeless to him, and he treated it as such. He had a lot of input on arrangements, and he gave us all of his energy. Beyond the music – for the sake of the music – he was also a coach. He helped get us out of our heads so he could get the performances he needed.

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