Kelsey Magnuson’s “Beep Beep” Observes Distortions In Our Sense Of Time Passing

Olympia, Washington-based Indie Rock singer/songwriter Kelsey Magnuson has announced her debut LP, Don’t Budge, set for release on November 2nd, 2022 via Earth Libraries. To celebrate the forthcoming release, she has also shared new track “Beep Beep.”

Along with her band, Kelsey Magnuson creates “lyric-heavy” songs and on her debut album, draws inspiration from musicians such as Julie Doiron, Haley Heynderickx, and Hannah Mohan (And the Kids).

Speaking on her new single, Kelsey writes:

‘Beep Beep’ is a song written in the first months of the pandemic during a slip into a total loss of my sense of time. But the sound (beep!beep!) of a friends watch that went off on the hour every hour was particularly noticeable…how each hour could pass without much happening at all. The days would drag and then all of a sudden pass too quickly-the rhythm and stops in ‘Beep Beep’ echo that specific feeling.

The new album was recorded largely in bassist Robin Caromosino’s analog home studio and they were joined by drummer Ian Francis. Francis and Magnuson each separately moved to Olympia from Nebraska in 2021, and were then connected by a mutual friend. Magnuson had attemped recording some of the songs on Don’t Budge previously, but she found that the “fluid chemistry” with Francis and Caromosino “unlocked a new depth” on songs and on the album.

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