The Gabbard Brothers Go Earth-Psych For Their Solo Venture

[Cover photo credit to Erin Gabbard]

The Gabbard Brothers have recently released their debut self-titled album via Karma Chief / Colemine Records, but this is hardly their first rodeo. Not only do they rise from the ashes of the Ohio Rock band Buffalo Killers, singers/songwriters/siblings Zachary and Andrew Gabbard are both active members of The Black Keys. The new outfit is said to have a “hazier, organic, earthy-psych vibe” in comparison to Buffalo Killers.

Andrew Gabbard comments on their sound:

I think the longer we write music, the more we sound like ourselves. Which is what, as an artist, you’re always trying to achieve. To let yourself shine through and not just your musical influences. And we’re both homebodies 100%. We were raised that way.

Painting by Shannon Shaw

Zachary Gabbard concurs:

Family is the most important thing in my life. Watching my children grow up. Sleeping in my own bed. Sitting with my wife and having coffee in the morning. Those are the moments when I feel most grounded. This album reflects that. We wanted to keep it simple and raw for this one. 

Zachary and Andrew Gabbard are currently on the road with The Keys’ extensive 2022 Summer/Fall Dropout Boogie Tour. 

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