Heavy Halo Remixes Debut Album With Eight Other Artists For ‘Crushed/Destroyed’

Brooklyn, NY Industrial/Rock artists Heavy Halo have announced the release of their remix album Crushed/Destroyed for August 5th, 2022, via Negative Gain Productions. Releasing their self-titled debut album last year, their new collection, Crushed/Destroyed feature remixes of songs off the album. The Moris Blak Remix of “Keep Me Alive” is out now.

Crushed/Destroyed features remixes by Atari Teenage Riot/Alec Empire, Xavier Swafford of 3Teeth, Pictureplane, Kontravoid and more, with each adding their signature touches to Heavy Halo’s sound.

Heavy Halo is a Goth-Grunge project that developed in the NYC underground between McKeever and Gosteffects. The band “takes the spirit and existential angst of Alternative and Industrial and passes it through the shattered prism of the internet age, refracted and made new”.

Here’s a complete tracklisting for Crushed/Destroyed:

1. Black Seed (Xavier Swafford Remix) 03:58

2. Destroy (BLKSLK x Snowblood Remix) 03:07

3. Keep Me Alive (Moris Blak Remix) 04:25

4. Crush (Jason Alacrity Remix) 04:11

5. Control You (Atari Teenage Riot / Alec Empire Remix) 04:14

6. Black Seed (Guilt Chip Remix) 02:40

7. Control You (Pictureplane Remix) 03:46

8. Crush (Kontravoid Remix) 05:32

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