Seek Joy Inside The Flame With “Light Moves Around You” From mmeadows

[Cover photo credit to Sara Laufer]

NYC-based duo mmeadows, consisting of current Dirty Projectors member Kristin Slipp and Beyoncé and Lorde collaborator Cole Kamen-Green, have returned with a new single and video for “Light Moves Around You.” Written fully in one day during the summer of 2020 by Slipp, the track “urges listeners to take things as they come and enjoy the pleasure in the pain”.

mmeadows pursues vocal-focused Pop songwriting with use of found sounds and “esoteric vintage instruments”, as heard on their debut EP Who Do You Think You Are?, released in April of 2020. 

Slipp says:

..the song permits the listener to submit to the chaos and leave guilt at the door…perseverance demands that we seek beauty and joy inside of the flame – eyes fully open to the utter ridiculousness of the dichotomy.

The music video was created with these ideas in mind, using footage from a trip to the Rockaways edited by a machine learning program that slowed down and expanded the original footage. It essentially interpreted the images and produced similar images, more distorted and further away from reality.

Alex Munro, director of the accompanying video, says:

I was immediately inspired to build on the lyrical themes of impermanence and memory. Falling away, disintegration trying to find the beauty in these things. Creating images which had been pulled apart and dissolved through various processes.

mmeadows will also be performing a live show in Brooklyn at Elsewhere on July 27th, 2022.

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