Metalblade To Reissue 2006 Debut EP From Instrumental Post-Rock Outfit If These Trees Could Talk

Metal Blade Records has announced the official reissue of the debut EP from Akron, Ohio’s If These Trees Could Talk. The first release from the instrumental Post-Rock band was recorded in 2006 at NE Meadow Studios in Bath, Ohio and originally released independently by the band on September 27th, 2006. The self-titled release that has been out of print for over 10 years has been mastered for vinyl by Patrick Engel (Temple of Disharmony) and features new artwork and packaging. It will be available in digital and vinyl formats.

The story of the band coming to Metal Blade started with their work catching the attention of the chef Chris Santos, who in turn played the group for friend and Metal Blade label “guru” Brian Slagel.

The band says:

Santos played some of our stuff to Brian Slagel. Slagel sent us a tweet, and after a couple of months of back and forth, we were on Metal Blade! Still crazy to think back to that, but that’s how it went down.

As part of inking a deal with Metal Blade, debut full-length Above the Earth, Below the Sky (2009) and its successor Red Forest (2012) were re-issued. Since then, the band has also been looking more into licensing of songs to game and television studios.

The band explains:

We always love hearing how people interpret our music. One of the great things about being an instrumental band is that it breaks down the language barrier that some bands can have. It reaches across so many lines and evokes so many different feelings that it means something different to everyone. To us, that is one of the single greatest things about what we do. We don’t interpret the music to the fans. They interpret it back to us.

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