Third Man Records’ Vault Package #52 Is ‘Primus: The Revenant Juke’ Redressing A Lack Of 7-Inch Singles

Third Man Records has announced their Vault Package #53 as Primus: The Revenant Juke — A Collection of Fables and Farce, featuring six colored 7″ records, which are the band’s first 7″ releases in their 30-plus years as a group. The singles also have individual sleeve artwork and are housed in a custom telescoping box. Sign up is open now through July 31, 2022, at midnight CST.

The fact that Primus has never released a 7″ single in their storied history is a bit of a mystery since other contemporary Alternative rockers certainly did and have. Third Man will be selecting singles from throughout their career for the six records.

The iconoclastic cover image and the individual sleeve artwork have all been newly created by Adam Gates, a long-time associate of Primus who has collaborated with them across multiple artistic disciplines and who is a creative director at Pixar Animation Studios.

The discs are pressed on “ducky yellow, bitter lime, fermented orange, soft purple, bruised peach and generic turquoise”.

Here’s a complete tracklisting:

Disc one:

“John The Fisherman” b/w “Too Many Puppies” (on soft purple vinyl)

Disc two:

“Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” b/w “Tommy The Cat” (on bitter lime vinyl)

Disc three: 

“My Name Is Mud” b/w “Mr. Krinkle” (on fermented orange vinyl)

Disc four: 

“Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” b/w “Southbound Pachyderm” (on bruised peach vinyl)

Disc five: 

“Shake Hands With Beef” b/w “Over The Falls” (on ducky yellow vinyl)

Disc six:

“The Antipop” b/w “Coattails Of A Dead Man” (on generic turquoise vinyl)

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