Pryti’s “Archive” Is About Burying Our Uncomfortable Thoughts

[Cover photo credit to Marcus Maschwitz]

British Indian Rocker Pryti has released new single “Archive”, along with an accompanying music video via Welcome To Pariahville Records. The singer, Rock artist and multi-instrumentalist hails from the “home of metal”, Birmingham, UK, and the new song follows the recently released single “Warning Sign”. The singles are her first new music since the self-released debut LP Tales of a Melancholic in 2015.

Pryti comments:

The new single “Archive” is about hiding things from yourself, things that you don’t want to think about so you purposefully put them in a box but then uncover it and deal with it.

I had the lyric idea ‘backseat of my mind’ for a few years when I bought my keyboard. I started with the piano/synth part you hear on the song and the rest of the lyrics started coming out of my mouth and the song was born.

At university, Pryti pursued a degree in Music and Media Management, and would use those skills to start her own independent label. In 2013, she released her debut EP, Welcome To Pariahville, followed by LP Tales of a Melancholic in 2015. Her latest songs were recorded with longtime Producer Justin Hill (Sikth, Young Guns, Heart of a Coward) drawing on Alt-Rock, Indie Rock and Electronica.

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