Jack Tempchin And Mrs. Henry Drink “Bob Dylan’s Whiskey” To Spice Up Their Songwriting

[Cover photo credit to Andrew Huse]

Eagles songwriter Jack Tempchin and San Diego-based band Mrs. Henry have released new single “Bob Dylan’s Whiskey”, a tongue-in-cheek song about drinking Dylan’s whiskey, which is called Heaven’s Door, in hopes that it’ll help them write songs like him. It’s Tempchin and Mrs. Henry’s second single following “Waiting”.

Mrs. Henry’s Daniel Cervantes shares:

In my opinion, ‘Bob Dylan’s Whiskey’ is the epitome of the Jack Tempchin and Mrs. Henry collaboration. A true nod to our initial inspiration of Bob Dylan and the Band – a great songwriter backed by a great band. Live, real, raw, honest and full of emotion. We all know what to do and how to do it. The artwork is by my good friend Alan Forbes and design by Aurora Rocío Pacheco – Both are always down to whip something together on the fly and inspired by the power of music.

Mrs. Henry is at the center of a creative collective of like-minded music makers, a number of them signees to Blind Owl Records, a label founded by Cervantes. An eclectic roster of notable San Diego artists joined the 2017 project, Mrs. Henry presents The Last Waltz, a live recreation of The Band’s 1976 swan song, staged as a concert at the Belly Up in Solana Beach, CA, and recorded as a two-CD, triple vinyl set, with a documentary short.

It was at the rehearsals for Mrs. Henry presents The Last Waltz where the band met Tempchin, and their collaboration was born.

Tempchin explains:

They’re all live recordings and no overdubs. It’s just us. The thing that excites me most about [Mrs. Henry] is the singing all four of those guys can do. They can instantly slap incredible harmonies on anything. I feel like this band backing me up lifts my songs to completely new places and gives them a lot more meaning.

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