Fly Free With KT Tunstall’s “I Am The Pilot”

[Cover photo credit to Cortney Armitag]

Grammy-nominated Scottish artist KT Tunstall has revealed a second new single, “I Am The Pilot,” today from her upcoming seventh studio album, NUT, which will be available on September 9, 2022 via Blue Élan Records. NUT is the last in a trilogy of albums she began recording and releasing in 2016 with KIN. Each part of the trilogy relates to the three existential parts of ourselves; KIN = Spirit, WAX = Body, and now NUT = Mind.

For this new single, “I Am The Pilot,” Tunstall found inspiration in her songwriting partnership with Cathy Dennis, as she describes:

I loved co-writing with the brilliant Cathy Dennis on this song. The song is really an instruction manual to mindfulness for myself, an attempt at capturing the soaring feeling of flying free that can come with sitting in that silence.

She adds about her songwriting approaches:

There are two immediate, recognizable pillars of my style. I have this troubadour, acoustic guitar-driven emotional side. Then there’s definitely an electrified rock side of my work with rawness and teeth.

For all of the music on NUT, rhythm became very important and she focused on her love of West African grooves.

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