Time’s Grunge-Pop Single “In Your Head” Questions Our Excuses

[Cover photo credit to Michael Messina]

Jump Start Records and Philadelphia-based Indie Rock quintet Time have revealed “In Your Head,” the latest single from the Friday, July 22nd release of the band’s debut album, Hydrangea. The 90s-inspired Grunge-Pop song asks the question: “How much damage do you have to inflict on yourself before you’re reminded you’re still alive?” The song also critiques our tendency “to rely on vices or dependencies as excuses to avoid acceptance or accountability”.

Jon Hunt of Time comments:

My writing has always been extremely self-critical. “‘In Your Head’ ended up being the output of what happens when frustration and exasperation turn into self-reflection, and the grappling with the unintended self-destruction that it brings about. Life is messy, and that is OK.

While its core members are veterans of Philly’s Hardcore scene via bands such as Kill Verona, No Roses and Shark Attack, Time’s own inspiration and sound is derived from the dark and heavy Shoegaze/Noise-Pop of touchstones such as My Bloody Valentine, Sugar, Swervedriver and Catherine Wheel. Time’s initial release, 2018’s In Decline EP (Low Dose Records), set the foundation for what Hydrangea would build upon: layers of delayed guitars, fluid bass progressions and two-part vocal melodies.

For the new album, Time entered New Jersey’s Gradwell House studios with producer Nik Bruzzese (Man Overboard) during the beginning of the pandemic, and Paul Butterly (guitars), Chris Margarite (vocals/guitars) and Jon Hunt (guitars/vocals) were joined by then-rhythm section Tony Rossi (drums) and Matt Whiteford (bass).

In early support of Hydrangea, joined by new rhythm section Jon Van Dine (drums) and Scott Signorino (bass), Time has shared the stage with acts like One Step Closer, Comeback Kid and Off with Their Heads.

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