Andrea Nixon’s “Earthquake” Is A Transformative Tale Of A Woman Scorned

Ahead of her album Barbed Wire Dreams, Andrea Nixon has shared new single, “Earthquake“, whose title is meant to suggest emotional upheaval. Influenced by a Blues groove, “Earthquake” follows singles “Outskirts” and “Blind Spot“, and continues to track the Canadian artist’s evolution since her 2017 debut album Diary Of A Housewife.

Andrea Nixon comments:

“Earthquake” is the transformative tale of a woman scorned. Written by a team that spans the continents and collaborated through Covid, I believe this song has a powerful story to tell and packs a pretty hefty musical punch.

On the new single, Nixon teamed once again with longtime collaborator Bobby Cameron, who Produced and co-wrote the track with New Zealand-based songwriter Jenny Trindall. The recording features Chad Melchert on drums, Travis Switzer on bass and Bobby Cameron on guitar. The recording was captured at Edmonton’s Dept. 9 Studio, with engineer Stew Kirkwood.

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