Take Flight With Eddie Atom’s “Chocolate Wings”

[Cover photo credit to Elio Yanez]

Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Eddie Atom has released a Jazz-influenced Psychedelic Dream Pop single “Chocolate Wings” that also shows some ambient accents. Lyrical themes range from celestial beings in the sky to UFO phenomena, as well as more down-to-earth messages, like “feelings of alienation and being jaded by big media”.

Eddie Atom explains:

Instrumentally, the song takes inspiration from old school 60s and 70s spacey psychedelic tones and modern pop elements.

Eddie Atom is an artist of Mexican, Salvadorian, and Indigenous descent, and is a big video game and boba enthusiast. He released his first solo project titled In Theory in 2012. Since then, he’s released Two Realms and de Landa EP in 2013, his third full-length Ley Lines in 2015, his fourth studio album Cain in 2017, a concept album inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Inferno and the Silent Hill and Resident Evil video game series.

In summer 2021, Eddie Atom released his most recent effort titled Illuminations, an amalgamation of his sonic universe. The album spans Jazz, Blues, Electronic, and Psychedelia, striving to “achieve the perfect summer mix”. He also credits early PlayStation video game music as some of his major influences on this album.

Eddie Atom also maintains a YouTube channel which featured his detailed and stylized Jazz guitar style and improvisational videos.