Forgetmyname Adds Summery Synth Pop To A Failing Relationship For “High”

[Cover photo credit to Michee Zodulua]

Forgetmyname, the Synth Pop project of singer-songwriter Nicole Morales, has released a “bittersweet” new singleHigh. The track builds upon the Synth Pop style of Forgetmyname’s debut single Complex”, blending that more retro-leaning sound with modern Indie Rock-Dream Pop elements. As the artist puts it, the song is summery but also focuses on a “longing for what used to be.”

Lyrically, the song depicts a failing relationship, “with two people struggling with their own insecurities, both using getting high as an escape from the true reality of the relationship that  they are having a hard time just walking away from”.

Morales cites early exposure to 80s Synth Pop as well as Spanish music like Enanitos Verdes, Mana, and Aventura for shaping the way she writes songs and tells stories. The instrumental sound of “High” as well as previous single “Complex” was created with the help of producer Greason, who also releases music as a solo artist.

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