Kelaska Finds Sweet Revenge In “Honey”

Kelaska, born Kelli Wright, is a Connecticut based singer-songwriter who is releasing new summer-toned single “Honey” today. We previously interviewed her on Wildfire about the evolution of her current sound as “Dark Dreamy Pop” and you can still read that right here. She’s a serious fan of vintage sounds and you’ll find that on the new single, which blends synths and guitars. Thematically, “Honey” is about “the feeling of sweet revenge that everyone can relate to”, particularly when it comes to relationships.

In “Honey”, Kelaska sings about…

…that time when you hear that your ex is still hung up on you and somehow you feel happy they’re miserable. It’s a funny thing to admit that someone’s misery can taste so sweet, but it’s common after you’ve been hurt by someone you love. It can take a long time to get over them when you feel like they’ve moved on while you’re left wallowing alone in sadness. But there is some sort of strange joy in knowing that you actually meant something to them, and it feels even better when you’re the one who’s actually moved on.

You can also check out her previous single “Tightrope”: