Green Carnation Gives Jim Croce’s “Time In A Bottle” A Prog Rock Twist

[Cover photo credit Jørund Pedersen]

Norwegian Progressive Rock group Green Carnation has revealed an acoustic cover of the iconic Jim Croce song, “Time in a Bottle,” along with a performance video. The video was recorded live in June 2022. Their album, The Acoustic Verses (remastered), is out now via Season of Mist, and they are celebrating with their upcoming ‘Acoustic Verses’ tour across Europe.

Vocalist Kjetil Nordhus comments:

We are a band who like to surprise our fans, and sometimes even ourselves. We will include one unique cover song on each date of the tour. This is a nice way to present different shows every day and hopefully our fans will enjoy that. A while ago, we asked our Facebook followers what song they would like to hear in a Green Carnation version, and this one came up. It is a beautiful song, and we do think we have managed to put our own stamp on it! What other cover songs that might be included during The Acoustic Verses Tour 2022, we don’t want to reveal yet! It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if we told people which songs we have chosen. But one of them will a song in a language that I have never sung before….

2006’s The Acoustic Verses was an album, as the title suggests, of completely acoustic originals. Now 15 years removed from its release, The Acoustic Verses is getting the vinyl reissue treatment from Season of Mist, including new artwork from Polish graphic artist Lukasz Jaszak, an updated tracklisting, and three bonus cuts.

The artwork for ‘The Acoustic Verses (remastered)’ was created by Lukasz Jaszak

02 Sep 22 Vennesla (NO) Vennesla Kulturhus
03 Sep 22 Oslo  (NO) Oslo Konserthus
06 Sep 22 Hamburg (DE) Noctspeicher
07 Sep 22 Copenhagen (DK) Hotel Cecil
08 Sep 22 Stockholm (SE) Södra Teatern
09 Sep 22 Helsinki (FI) Ääniwalli
23 Sep 22 Kristiansand (NO) Kilden teater og kulturhus

+The Gathering
25 Nov 22 Leeuwarden (NL) De Neushoorn
26 Nov 22 Utrecht (NL) Tvioli
27 Nov 22 Maastricht (NL) Muziekgieterij

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