Cynthia Hamar Brings Hard-Earned Wisdom To Bear For ‘Joint & Marrow’

Canadian Singer-songwriter Cynthia Hamar has released the single “Shaken”, a first taste of her seven-song collection, Joint & Marrow, which will be her first with Alberta label Neon Moon Records and is due out in the Fall of 2022. The single sets out an internal conversation about trauma and the struggle of letting go.

On the new album, Hamar worked with Producers and musicians including Joel Schwartz (Jadea Kelly, Dione Taylor), Paul Johnston (Head of Recording at MacEwan University), keyboardist Chris Andrew and drummer Jamie Cooper. The core of the album, however, draws from Hamar’s personal experiences and gaining “hard-earned wisdom”.

Hamar comments:

My writing is stronger at this stage of my career. I understand my strengths more, and feel less insecurity. I’m enjoying the process more than just trying to get it done. I love every song and it took a long time working the kinks out through live performances prior to recording them. The musicianship and production is world class.

Hamar is currently completing a Bachelor of Music at MacEwan University, majoring in Recording and Production and her song are rooted in her Indigenous Métis heritage.

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