Lissie’s Work On ‘Carving Canyons’ Was A Process Of Creating Her Own Joy

[Cover photo credit to Lili Peper]

Midwestern artist Lissie is a multi-faceted and as well as being a singer/songwriter also co-owns the music genre themed popcorn company Otts Pops Indie Pop and is involved with land conservation as well as running her own farm. Her new Country-tinged Indie Folk album Carving Canyons is due out September 16th, 2022 on Lionboy Records.

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world, Lissie was also dealing with an impactful breakup on her Iowa farm. The single “Flowers” is a breakup song that explores the cycles of grief. It was co-written with Henry Brill and Bre Kennedy who also contributes vocals.

Lissie comments on the song and the time:

It was an important period of time for me to explore some of my dark places and process it all. The prettiest blooms literally come from shit, it’s a fertilizer. I wanted to claim my right to feel my feelings. As I grieved—not only for a relationship, but for the world in the midst of a pandemic—I felt like my anger made people uncomfortable, but I came out the other side empowered and ready to step back into my light. I can grow my own flowers and make my own joy.

Produced by Curt Schneider (Patty Smyth, Lucero), Carving Canyons is about “looking within while dealing with the uncertainty of the future”. Lissie also traveled to Nashville and co-wrote much of the album with a majority of female-identifying songwriters, including Bre Kennedy, Madi Diaz, Morgan Nagler, Natalie Hemby, Kate York, and Sarah Buxton, who also contribute additional vocals throughout the album. 

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