A Shared Love Of Folk Music Launched Duo The SideMen

A year ago, Nick Justice and Feter Martin Homer decided to join their individual solo careers to form The SideMen. Now in 2022, the duo are releasing their first eponymous album. It will arrive on July 20th, 2022. The SideMen features songs that “tell the stories of the forgotten, those with broken dreams who are lost souls on the search for redemption”. 

Justice comments:

What brought Feter and I together was our love for the simplicity of folk music. We’re a couple of journeyman singer songwriters who couldn’t be more opposite (Feter being Turkish and me being a kid from the Bronx), but we came together over our shared love of folk music—where the music frames the lyrical story.

For years, Nick Justice played in various bands such as Chords of Fame, Guns for Hire, and as a solo act before becoming disillusioned by the music business in 1996 and putting his guitar down. In 2015, he reemerged, and has steadily released albums since working with a cadre of Los Angeles side men including Greg Leisz, Bobby Cochran, Richard Bredice, Dave Witham, and Frank Cotinola.

Feter Martin Homer cut his teeth as a Blues guitarist playing in bands throughout the United States. Now, as The SideMen, the two artists blend traditional Folk, Country, and Americana with acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica.

The SideMen was co-Produced, engineered and mixed by Richard Bredice and was recorded, mixed and mastered at his Woodland/Bredice Studios in Irvine, CA. 

Though they formed during the pandemic, The SideMen stayed busy playing live streams during lockdown and played their first live gig as a duo at the Tucson Folk Festival. Since then, they’ve played the Orange County Fair, Silverado Folk and Art Festival, NAMBA Performing Arts Center in Ventura, CA and Collage Art and Culture Center in Los Angeles. On the books for this spring/summer are the Idyllwild Songwriter Festival and the Flagstaff Folk Festival.

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