Julia Bhatt Explores New Forms Of Songwriting For ‘it is what it is’

[Cover photo credit to Anna Bhatt]

Genre-bending Miami-based Indie artist Julia Bhatt has a new album coming up on July 20th, it is what it is. Her most recent single from the new collection has been the Folk-Pop track “On My Shoulder“, exploring the concept of having an imaginary angel on one shoulder and an imaginary devil on the other.

Bhatt says:

’On My Shoulder’ is about two halves constantly battling about what could have been. One is ambitious and strict, while the other is carefree and relaxed. I think a lot of people usually settle into one side or the other at different points in their lives, but they never really stop questioning each other.  At least, I don’t think they should.

From September 2019 to early March 2020, Julia Bhatt found herself in a whirlwind of life-changes: she released her first three singles (“Tall,” “Marco” and “I’m Cool”), turned eighteen and graduated high school. Just as she was really getting started with the announcement of her first tour however, the pandemic brought everything to a standstill.

Single artwork by Anna Bhatt

While the world was in quarantine, she released the singles “Miami” and “Bird Girl” as well as her debut EP 2 steps back, but she also started to write songs on software, Ableton Live, rather than on the guitar. The first music to come from this new approach to making music were her 2021 singles “1:30” and “Hair Salon Vibes” both of which will be included on the debut album alongside an earlier recording of “Miami.”

Album artwork by Anna Bhatt
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