Rikke Normann Takes Two Very Different Sonic Approaches To “Unfollow”

Norwegian Alt-Pop singer-songwriter Rikke Normann is releasing a 2-track single titled “Unfollow” today, on the 20th of May. The two tracks are very different approaches to the same song, one more meditative, and one more exuberant. The song originally appeared on her album the art of letting go.

Rikke shares about the music:

“Unfollow” is a song about not feeling good enough when comparing yourself to others and though we don’t like to admit it, we all get a bit envious of what we don’t have sometimes. Social media magnifies this feeling by showcasing only the good side of life. Rikke wrote this song as a sort of awareness song to the perfectness of social media, especially Instagram, will all the filters, edits and thousand tries we need to get that perfect picture. It’s not real and comparing ourselves to that will always make us not feel good. Through this song Rikke hopes to share her experience of taking control over her input, who she followed, and who/what she let influence her life, so that others can try the same. On this 2-track single, Rikke provides two versions of her song, including a melancholic, chill, meditative, and more stripped back version of the track, which was recorded with  Rikke  performing on an Ed Seiler Upright Piano.

Rikke Normann writes all her songs on a 100 year old grand piano placed in the center of her living room. Her favourite band is Fleetwood Mac, and she collects vintage keyboards and drum machines.

With 5 written and released albums on her own indie label RikkiLeaks she aims to be a complete one woman production. She traveled and played over a 100 living room concerts for her fans in 2019, promoting the album 35.

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