Rowan’s Title Track For ‘Does It Make You Happy?’ Looks At Abusive Relationships With Hindsight

[Cover photo courtesy of Rowan]

Irish trio Rowan recently release their 11-track debut album, Does It Make You Happy? via Beverly Martel. The LP is a blend of upbeat Garage Rock and honest ballads that explore the question of what “true happiness” might look like.

They also recently released the title track and video, featuring Canadian multi-instrumentalist Ariel Posen, which questions “abusive behaviors within relationships and wanting more for oneself”.

Dylan Howe (vocalist) explains:

It was like a surge of energy just shot through me and it was finished. It’s the song I resonate with heaviest on this album, it deals with abusive behaviors in a relationship and, in retrospect, how I should’ve demanded better for myself.

Rowan signed to Beverly Martel with last year’s EP, Everybody Talks. They then teamed up with producer Tim Palmer (U2, Pearl Jam, James) for their debut album, which the band says represents:

…the amalgamation of joy, sadness, pain, relief and everything in between. The explosive artwork married with the album represents all these parts of life. We worked on the songs in 2020 when the first lockdown hit. We set a songwriting challenge for ourselves where we each had to send in a completed song by midnight every day. After a month we had a plethora of songs and Dylan started demoing them.

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