Haunt’s “Father Time” Muses On The Dizzying Speed Of Life

[Cover photo credit to Andy Lei]

On July 1st, 2022, traditional Heavy Metal project Haunt will release their seventh full-length album, Windows of Your Heart, via Iron Grip // Church Recordings. A lyric video for the new single “Father Time” has been released on Haunt‘s newly launched YouTube, where the lyric video for “Windows of Your Heart” can also be viewed.

Windows of Your Heart is available for pre-order on Haunt’s Bandcamp or The Heavy Metal Store’s Bandcamp, in the following formats:

–digital album

–cassette (limited to 100 copies; Haunt Bandcamp exclusive)

–jewelcase CD (signed copies available exclusively at The Heavy Metal Store’s Bandcamp)

–black vinyl (limited to 100 copies)

–milky clear w/ black & red splatter vinyl (limited to 250 copies)

–silver vinyl (limited to 200 copies; retail exclusive)

–transparent red w/ black pinwheel vinyl (limited to 200 copies)

–transparent red vinyl (limited to 200 copies; retail exclusive)

–half/half black/milky clear w/ red splatter vinyl (limited to 300 copies; Haunt Bandcamp exclusive)

–half/half red/milky clear w/ black splatter vinyl (limited to 300 copies; Haunt Bandcamp exclusive)

–picture disc vinyl (limited to 200 copies; Haunt Bandcamp exclusive)

As on previous albums, Church built Windows of Your Heart around a few key songs to be featured in their live set. The title track is one such foundational piece with a slightly different guitar approach for Haunt that straddles the line between Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.

As for a few other songs on the record, Church treads familiar lyrical territory for Haunt by “musing on the dizzying speed with which time flies by”. The single is also noteworthy for the readily discernible Ozzy-isms in Church’s vocal melodies and timbre. The resemblance is not coincidental, but is an intentional tribute to the Prince of Darkness.

Church explains:

Ozzy Osbourne gave me the courage to be a singer. He taught me how to be a singer. My music naturally goes toward that.

Album artwork by: Brouemaster Visual Decay
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