Gathering Of Strangers Battles Through Highs And Lows With “Naked & Blind”

UK-based band Gathering of Strangers has released new track “Naked & Blind”, born from the idea that “strength can emerge from the wreckage of vulnerability and tough times”.

Discussing the narrative behind the track, the band add:

Battling with our own highs and lows throughout these years taken from us, we used this song to portray our heightened emotions in our most vulnerable states. Tackling these tough times, we were able to identify how strength can be born from vulnerability when allowing yourself to be open and focus on brighter days ahead.

After its conception in the peak of the pandemic, the track was mixed and produced by David Watts at The Chairworks (Castleford), and engineered by Seadna McPhail.

Gathering of Strangers came together in 2015 in Manchester and have played in support of Third Eye Blind, Morcheeba, and Electric Six to name a few. Their other recent single is “Cherry Red” and both songs are a taste of their new EP slated for 2022.

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