Listen To Jazz Saxophonist Donny McCaslin’s “Blinded” Featuring Ani DiFranco

[Cover photo credit to GMD3]

Donny McCaslin has released new single “Blinded” featuring pioneering singer/songwriter Ani DiFranco. McCaslin is a celebrated jazz saxophonist and band leader for David Bowie’s Blackstar, and the song was penned by Eren Cannata (Demi Lovato) and McCaslin, bringing Pop, Jazz and Indie worlds together.

Cannata says:

This song is about the evolution of trusting in yourself and the process of life – however hard that may be with all of the outside influences clouding our hearts. What a joy to have Ani breathe life into it and Donny sail the ship, without these brilliant minds our world would be way less beautiful.

McCaslin and DiFranco collaborated on the track virtually during the pandemic. DiFranco adds:

If you hang in there long enough, the universe will spin you into your people. I feel that way about Eren and Donny even though I’ve yet to meet either of them in the flesh. I feel that way about Justin Tranter, who connected us. I happened to be wallowing away in a pandemic when the universe sent  “Blinded.” What a joy to be invited into the space of this exhilarating track.

Ani DiFranco’s memoir No Walls and the Recurring Dream was released in May 2019, and Di Franco released a No Walls Mixtape alongside the book, offering a new take on songs related to the memoir. Her current album is Revolutionary Love.

Photo credit to Daymon Gardner
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