Sandman Sleeps Channels Sibling Telepathy For “Fellini”

[Cover photo credit to Parisa Farbakhsh]

Formed by Cristina Peck and Alex Peck as teenagers, Sandman Sleeps reconvened in 2019 and was enhanced by the addition of drummer Karsten Andersen and guitarist Zack Jones in early 2020. The band’s debut album Crisis Actor will arrive independently on March 26, 2021. It was a decade in the making and it delivers songs old and new. Their Post-Punk influenced single “Fellini” arrives today. “Fellini” follows the album’s first single “Portrait of Jennie”.

Cristina Peck says “Fellini” was inspired by their mom’s love of iconic film director Federico Fellini, and particularly by his film La Dolce Vita (1960). Writing the song actually hails from 2010.

She further comments:

I feel like working on ‘Fellini’ together brought to our attention just the fact that we can jam and write intuitively together. When Alex and I write together I always felt this sense of wonderment- like this is moving in a neat direction and I don’t know where it’s going but it feels right. It always felt extremely intuitive and special- I suppose if you can say there is any magic involved in song writing that’d be the magical part for us. All the sibling telepathy. 


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