Watch Caroline Romano’s Video For Album Title Track “Oddities And Prodigies”

Nashville-based Alt-Pop artist Caroline Romano has shared a music video for “Oddities and Prodigies,” the title track from her forthcoming debut album arriving on February 25th, 2022. “Oddities and Prodigies” serves as a kind of thesis statement for the album, which is quite a mega-album at 16 tracks.

Directed by Justin Key, the video presents Romano’s specific vision:

I wanted the video to be as theatrical as possible. Instead of just walking down the street, I wanted it to feel like you were watching a play or an inner-monologue play out in real time. I guess you could say it’s a representation of the album or the way I write songs as a whole, in that it’s real life, but intensely dramatized.

Oddities and Prodigies (Album) Tracklist
1. Oddities and Prodigies
2. Panic Attack
3. Grocery Store
4. I’m Bad
5. Ireland In 2009
6. I Wish I Had It On Film
7. Perhaps It’s Mine
8. Hollister
9. Dizzy
10. Lonely Interlude
11. The Hypothetical
12. I Will Be
13. The Apocalypse Song
14. Dramatic
15. Leaving Wednesday
16. Arrivederci

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