Southern Rockers Cowboy Diplomacy Navigate “Dark Days” By Being Thankful

Austin-based southern rockers Cowboy Diplomacy deliver a hopeful message on their new single “Dark Days”. The song was written during the Covid-19 lockdown and inspired by the ongoing pandemic. The song’s lyrics touch upon the impact the pandemic has had on daily life and relationships, as well as the resilience to persevere.

Lead singer Ian Cochran says:

From not being able to see our families, to losing jobs, and even losing loved ones, I think mankind can mutually agree that this sucks. Things have been tough. But together we have stayed hopeful, we have stayed strong, we have worked hard to beat this, and we have loved thy neighbor. Brad and I wrote this song about waking up every day and being thankful for life. Being thankful that the sun is up. We are all grinding through as best we can. There have been some dark days as of late but we look forward to the beautiful ones to come.

Cowboy Diplomacy “fully believes in the power of positivity and leading with love, treating others with kindness, and holding on tightly to those you care about”. “Dark Days” follows the release of Cowboy Diplomacy’s latest single “Easier When I’m Stoned,” a ballad about the desire to escape during hard times.

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