Still Releases Analog/Digital Hybrid Video For “Daylight”

[Cover photo credit to Jaron Baker]

Los Angeles Melodic Post-Punk band Still have announced new EP A Symptom of Fate for March 8th, 2022. Their latest single “Daylight” features a hybrid analog / digital music video of the band performing the song in a natural landscape as a rainy night transitions into the foggy light of day.

The music video was directed and edited by Emma Karla Peet and  utilizes a mix of analog and digital video formats as  the video cuts back and forth between VHS-like footage contrasted with the crisper digital photography to “further enhance the dreamy quality of the music and visuals alike”.

Daniel McDonough’s lyrics are often inspired by his lifetime struggle with insomnia and a number of other sleep disorders, including sleep paralysis, sleep walking, false awakening loops, and even one incident where he drove to work on the freeway while asleep. After originally getting into songwriting as a coping mechanism to deal with his chronic insomnia, he now tries to channel the “peculiar headspace” that comes with into his songwriting for the band.

As McDonough puts it:

I write in a very subconscious way so it’s hard to say what I’m drawing from. I’m very inspired by film though, which has very much influenced my approach to art. Trying to create complex emotion that’s more intuitive than literal.

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