Happiness Is A Sad Song For Rachel Garlin With “Some Weights Are Hard To Bear”

Singer-songwriter Rachel Garlin has released a video for her latest single Some Weights Are Hard to Bear,” from her most recent EP, The State That We Are In. Shot and directed by filmmaker Dan Foldes, the video features Garlin performing and Skarlett Woods embodying a character working through her grief in a rustic area of Northern California.

Garlin reflects:

It was a dark day during a dark season, and I stumbled on an interval – a pair of pitches – that stirred me. A few low notes, then a higher one, and then a drop back down. Humming this against the backdrop of my fingerpicking on guitar became the root of a new song, a song weighted with the anguish I was witnessing in a friend and in the world. I kept humming it over and over and the more I did, the worse I felt and the better I felt. ‘Happiness is a sad song,’ Charlie Brown once said. And it’s true. A sad interval, one rife with grief, is what moved me that day.

As Rachel Garlin has done in previous years, she has devoted the month of February to the practice of songwriting, writing a song-sketch-a-day and documenting the experience via her Instagram