Elephant Stone’s Concept EP Takes Psych-Pop To The Moon

[Cover photo credit to Bowen Stead]

After releasing several psychedelic singles, Montreal-based modern Psych-Pop band Elephant Stone will release their new EP Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune this Friday (2/18) via Elephants On Parade. Their latest single, “Solitude“, delves into the concept EP following on from “La fusée du chagrin” and “M. Lonely”. The concept EP features a character, “M. Lonely”, who “plans and makes his solitary escape from earth”. On “Solitude”, M. Lonely mourns “what his isolation has given him, grieving and longing for what he left back home”. 

The band will also be embarking on a North American tour this upcoming May following an appearance at SXSW, with tickets available here.

Dhir explains the composition of “Solitude”:

I was deep into The Pretty Thing’s ‘Parachute’ when I wrote this one. I kept hearing this harmony that reminded me of them. However, once recorded, it sounded nothing like them. I love the gentleness of the tune…it’s a swing ballad with a ‘himalayan mountain top’ solo by Robbie…. something like Slash’s solo in the video for ‘November Rain’.

‘Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune’ Album Art by Juliana Carlevaris

Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune picks up the personal aspects of survival explored on the group’s previous album Hollow, and what that means “on a dying planet with or without people”.

Dhir delves further into the lore of the EP:

I built this storyline about a hermit who is very content in his solitary world, until a world event happens that causes everyone else to stay home as well…sound familiar? He sees this as a mockery of him and his choices, deciding instead to build a rocket ship to the moon to be left alone. Ultimately, realizes he was happier back on imperfect earth with all of its imperfect people.

Tour Dates
March 16-20 Austin, TX @ SXSW
May 20           New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine*
May 21           Troy, NY @ No Fun*
May 22           Brooklyn, NY @ The Sultan Room*
May 24           Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Tavern*
May 25           Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub*
May 26           Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen*
May 27           Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club*
May 28           Windsor, ON @ Meteor
May 29           Toronto, ON @ Garrison
* w/ Zoon

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