Backline + Love4Live Present Touring Health & Wellness Workshop Monthly Via Zoom

Backline and Love4Live have announced a Tour Health + Wellness Workshop partnership, consisting of monthly workshops that give concert touring personnel opportunities to connect with professionals, experts, and their peers, to learn about incorporating healthy habits and share mental health and wellness tips while on the road.

Each session will cover a specific topic from 1-2 practitioners within the Backline network. Special guests from touring bands will also join the conversation to share their experiences and ways they’ve been able to maintain a healthy mental state while on the road. The Tour Health + Wellness Workshops will be the third Tuesday of the month, starting 2/22/22 at 12PM PST / 3PM EST on Zoom.

Month 1 of Backline + Love4Live’s workshop will focus on mental health, integrative wellness, and healthy habit building on the road. Sound Nutrition and Optimized Touring will be taking part, as well as some very special guests.

Backline comments on the new workshop series: 

Over the past two years, the pandemic forced tours and concerts to completely shut down, prompting artists, production crews, booking agents, tour managers, promoters and venue employees to lose their main sources of income. We heard firsthand from those struggling and saw the mental toll that it was taking on those in the industry. As touring slowly ramps back up, we want to create a safe space for those to connect with fellow peers and share tips on how they take care of themselves on the road. Whether you’re a touring vet or new to the scene, you are invited to join us as we connect with mental health and wellness experts, as well as our touring peers.

Backline notes, regarding Zoom etiquette: “As with all Backline programs, participation + on-camera appearance is encouraged but not required. We welcome all participants at their own comfort level on or off camera”.

More info on Love4Live:

Love4Live was created as a free online meditation portal providing community, compassion, and support for concert industry workers impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown that decimated the industry in 2020. It lives on now for all who desire to learn more about meditation. Love4Live was curated and funded by concert veteran Jason Garner as an offering to the thousands of unsung heroes who are the heart and soul of the industry he loves. 

More info on Backline:

Backline is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that connects music industry professionals and their families with mental health and wellness resources—streamlining access to a network of trusted organizations and care providers that truly understand this line of work. 

Life in this industry can be incredibly isolating and difficult; Backline provides a safe, private, and immediate place to go for help. Available for free to artists, managers, agents, crew, producers, labels, and their families, Backline programs offer case management, support groups, and wellness programs to meet the needs of this unique community.

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