Jefferson Ross Highlights A Collection Of Many Cultures With ‘Southern Currency’

Atlanta-based Folk artist Jefferson Ross is returning with an ode to the south created by teaming up once again with his partner in crime, Producer Thomm Jutz. The new album, Southern Currency, focuses on “the spirit and characters” of Ross’ homeland and will arrive on March 18th, 2022.

Ross explains the inspiration behind the album :

“The idea for the Southern Currency album came about when I telling someone that South is not just one culture but a collection of many cultures, accents, food traditions, world-views, etc.  I thought it might be cool to write a song for each state and let that idea speak for itself.  Each song has a different mood as each southern state has a different mood, a different vibe.  I wanted to tell the whole story, warts and all, not just moonlight and magnolias, but, also the sins and harsh struggles and battles between those of us who live here. It’s a land of contradictions. Pride and shame. Penance and celebration. Wisdom and ignorance. Judgement and mercy. The South is my family.  But, like family, the wounds go deep as do the joys. Families are complicated. I hope that whoever listens to Southern Currency will get an honest feel of my home, maybe put a face with an idea. Maybe a sound or a taste will humanize a preconceived perception of this place.  It’s a place I love.”

Ross previously lived in Nashville for many years, playing for a number recording artists including Terri Clark, and sharing the stage with Country Music greats such as George Strait, Toby Keith, Reba and Vince Gill. He also worked as a staff writer for a number of publishers on Music Row including Curb Music. In 2010, he returned to live in Georgia with his wife and daughter and maintains a home and office in Nashville as well.


1. Alabama Is A Winding Road (4:37)
2. Two Kentcuky Brothers (3:20)
3. Baptize The Gumbo (4:20)
4. Down in Macon, Georgia (3:47)
5. Turquoise and Tangerine (3:41)
6. You Can’t Go Home Again (4:05)
7. Hot Springs (3:17)
8. High Times In The Low Country (4:16)
9. King of Mississippi (3:31)
10. The Nashville Neon Waltz (5:35)
11. Southern Currency (3:40)

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