Anne Elise Hastings Asks If We All Have An Inner Con Artist On ‘Unmasking A Confidence Trickster’

Anne Elise Hastings has a “spicy” message in her newest single “Jack Kerouac”, encouraging people not to settle for relationships, or partners, that are substandard. The single is from Anne Elise Hastings and Her Revolving Cast of Characters’ new album, Unmasking A Confidence Trickster, where Hastings pulls no punches “roasting deadbeat exes”. The album arrives on February 25th.

She says of “Jack Keroac”: “This is a call to action for everyone out there to stand up to these guys and maybe find a nice person that actually owns a bed frame.”

The single has also received a video:

Anne Elise Hastings and Her Revolving Cast of Characters is a New Orleans-based Alt-Country band. Hastings retains her Appalachian roots while embracing her adopted city’s sensibility. The current cast is composed of Hastings on vocals and rhythm guitar, Isaac Worley on drums, Dustin Dietsche on guitar, and Tristan Clark on bass. 

For Hastings, this new collection “aims to break down the image that people have created for themselves, unveiling the con artist within everyone. After all, no one is a hero. Not even the writer herself”.

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