Velvet Starlings Enlist Scottish Cohorts For Frenetic Video “Can’t Control”

[Cover photo credit to Megan Blanchard]

L.A.-based band Velvet Starlings have released a new video for “Can’t Control.”  The single is taken from their debut album Technicolour Shakedown which arrived on vinyl this week from Kitten Robot Records / Sound x 3 Records.

The song is a “frenetic British Invasion-styled send-up” and the video is described thus by songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist Christian Gisborne:

It’s all about being an individual and doing whatever you feel, when you feel it, even if it’s running out into the streets and dancing Billy Elliot-style all the way through the town of Dunfermline, Scotland.

The video features Martin Hughes (brother and bandmate Brian Hughes directed the video) of the Scottish Indie band Angelica Mode, who the band shared a stage with while touring in 2019. 

Speaking about the album, which is best described as “beach-fuzz-psych with a big cheeky nod to the UK Invasion”, Gisborne says:

…in the doom and gloom of Covid I found myself reminiscing all the time about the days when we would wait in line for hours to see our favorite bands. The songs on the first album reflect everything I felt I was missing out on.

Velvet Starlings have announced festival dates that include Austin, TX’s  SXSW in March, Redondo Beach, CA’s BeachLife Festival on May 13, and at McGill, NV’s Schellraiser Music Festival on June 5. Full tour dates to be announced soon.

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