Urge Overkill Breaks Ten Year Silence With Full Album ‘Oui’

 [Cover photo credit to Jerod Herzog]

Urge Overkill is composed of two unique voices, Nash Kato and King RoeserOui, their first new release in more than a decade, combines their signature mix of “Rock, hooks, and fancy bling” and will arrive via Omnivore Recordings on February 11, 2022.

Urge Overkill was born in 1984, releasing their debut EP Strange I… on Steve Albini’s Ruthless Records. 1991’s The Supersonic Storybook brought Albini back to the production role, and Urge opened for Nirvana on American and European legs of Nirvana’s Nevermind tour. At that point, Pearl Jam tapped them for their Vs. tour, and Urge Overkill was playing arenas, eventually signing to Geffen Records. The duo reunited in 2010, leading to Rock & Roll Submarine.

Now, a decade later, Urge Overkill returns with Oui, including 12 new tracks, featuring 11 originals and an Urge cover of Wham!’s “Freedom!”