Manx Dreams Investigates The “Black Spark” Of A Non-Conventional Love Story

[Cover photo credit to Alex Hecht]

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Benjamin L. Seymour launched solo project Manx Dreams in September 2021, with the Darkwave, Industrial-tinged single Nights & Corridors”. Seymour has now announced debut album, Of Past Lives, and share new single, Black Spark“. The full album will be released on April 8th, 2022.

Speaking on the origins of “Black Spark,” Ben recalls:

Lyrically, “Black Spark” is a non-conventional love story about two people meeting, and realizing that their relationship is doomed to fail from the start. I started writing this song with an arpeggiated bass line, followed by the beat, and finally I layered the synths. I wrote the lyrics during the pandemic during a stay in Croatia and Montenegro, so there weren’t any tourists. It allowed me to tap into some things I don’t think I could have at home.

The album title, Of Past Lives, references how one person’s life goes through many acts and chapters. Ben Seymour writes candidly about the many lives he lived from a young age struggling with addiction, and takes in themes of sobriety, doomed love, true love, personal concerns, and broader social commentary. 

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