Playgrounded Introduces Us To ‘The Death Of Death’

Playgrounded have introduced us to their upcoming album from Pelagic Records, The Death of Death, through the title single and video for that track. It arrives on March 18th, 2022.

Playgrounded consists of a sonologist, a filmscore composer, two computer engineers and a popular session drummer, all wrapped up in an Alternative Rock band. Their third studio album The Death of Death reveals the band as “composers in the act of decomposition”. The title track apparently acts as a “manifesto that narrates the dissolution of all things”.

Michael Kotsirakis of Playgrounded comments on the single and video:

“The Death of Death” is the title of Playgrounded’s upcoming album and its first single. “The Death of Death” is a study of unity in opposition, a disclosure of contradictory aspects of reality, an expression of their mutual relationship. For the occasion of sharing this first taste of the album with the world we worked closely with director Dimitris Anagnostou and director of photography Yannis Karabatsos, the duo that we came to know from the award-winning short film ‘Mare Nostrum’ for which Stavros composed the score. The director’s idea about a “study of movement” materialized in early cinema techniques, inspired by Orestis’ dialectical lyrics concept which they eventually adapted into the clip’s script. Karabatsos’ sinister photography explores movement in contradictions… black and white, direction and diffusion, alienation and struggle, stillness and life.

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